About AGA

Philosophy: The American Gymnastics Association is dedicated to the development of artistic optional gymnastics for girls.

AGA was developed in 1984 to meet the needs of gymnasts who were interested in competing optional routines. The program is unique in that advancement upward through the levels depends on scores and ability not age. Coaches meet on an annual basis to revise and improve the competitive program. Every coach in AGA has the opportunity to contribute.

The entire program is designed and works for the benefit of the gymnast. American Gymnastics Association is a non profit Texas based organization that is run by coaches. All competitors compete optional routines, a great alternative to compulsory based gymnastics. Rules, requirements and difficulty are increased from Junior Prep to Senior Elite. If you need help with rules, requirements, and routines, a mentor coach can be assigned to assist you. Mobility is based on All Around scores, not age group. Because of this, most gymnasts move up several levels during the year and are constantly in meets against gymnasts who are at the same skill and score level. It makes for a competitive and fun environment where everyone has a chance to receive awards.

There is a once a year team registration fee of $25 and a $20 per athlete registration fee. Registration forms and waiver of liability can be found online at www.plucky-kitten.flywheelstaging.com. Qualifier meets cost . The meet schedule is posted on the AGA web site. The season starts in late January and wraps up with a state meet in mid May. Gymnasts must attend three meets to qualify for state. One of the meets must come before April and one meet must be done in the month of April.

Our organization is relaxed/competitive. The gymnasts have fun at our meets, they cheer for the other teams, and coaches help each other out. We’re here for one purpose and that’s for the girls.

Give us a try for a season and experience a truly child centered gymnastics competition. For more information, please contact one of the board members listed on the Contact Us page.

Potential Reasons to Consider AGA:

  • Looking for a better competitive experience
  • Looking for a way to promote constant improvement rather than stagnation
  • Looking for an off season alternative for your compulsory girls
  • Looking for a program for girls that are involved in other activities and can’t fullfill the hours required for your other teams
  • Looking for an avenue to retain girls all the way through high school
  • Looking for a way to develop your compulsory coaches into optional coaches
  • Looking for fun in gymnastics again